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10 Minutes with Supriya

One of my fondest memories as a child is going by the river and sitting idly on the bank. There I would enjoy the peace and quiet, watch the water rush downstream and listen to the chirps of birds and rustling of leaves on the trees.

10 Minutes with Ashish

The Facilities Management sector comprises of several moving parts that align together to deliver an integrated service solution to clients.

10 Minutes with Heba

The Facilities Management (FM) industry has taken significant strides and has today become a primary factor in people’s lives.

10 Minutes with Tariq Chauhan

Successful companies continue to explore novel ways to keep their employees happy and motivated. “Happiness at workplace” is a universal truth hat directly translates into..

10 Minutes with Rohit

There is a famous proverb in English which goes “For the want of a nail, a kingdom was lost.” Often quoted verbatim, I was intrigued to see what leaps in logic were required to justify the proverb.

10 Minutes with Stephen

A great service experience, in my opinion, can no longer be encapsulated in a single moment. Indeed, while it may well be illuminated by a single great act

10 Minutes with Karthik

Team work is very important to achieve best out of our workforce. Employees are urged to work smarter and not just harder, in an effort to deliver the desired results. Individual brilliance does....

10 Minutes with Trilok

In today’s data driven world, information is a key resource, valued across organizations to facilitate decision making. Technology provides us with tools to make communication and production in a workplace easier...

10 Minutes with Dinesh

According to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA): “Facility Management (FM) is the practice of coordinating he physical workplace with the people .

10 Minutes with Peter

Our lives are very busy, so busy at times that we don’t always recognize how to balance the important things, we get consumed with things that distract us from the important stuff. Life is about balance, balance between work and play, our

10 Minutes with Saad

Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say," said American actor and screenwriter W.C. Fields. Your attitude, your general outlook on life

10 Minutes with John Mathew

The new analysis from Frost & Sullivan, finds that the global market will touch $1 Trillion by 2025 with Integrated FM (IFM) as the fastest growing segment. The convergence of FM services, Property

10 Minutes with Lourdes Bolante

18th July 2017, 8:00 AM, an hour before my surgery. As I was lying on the hospital bed waiting for my gallbladder to be removed, in a strange way I felt like the “lucky one”.