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EFS Facilities Services India delivers the benefits of efficiency and cost optimization through improved asset utilization, pre-empting asset failure and predictive maintenance, as well as ad-hoc projects services. We ensure the highest levels of service performance while scaling our services to projected workload and resource requirements to ensure mission critical support service, rapid turnaround times and streamlined operations.

Our fast-track mobilization capabilities enable us to accelerate the commencement of services for new contractors with enhanced integration of operations into existing assets. We address the needs of a wide variety of segment verticals for critical business sectors which include:

Integrated Facility Management

We offer a range of engineering services to undertake complete management of building assets such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Minor Civil....

Specialized Services & Asset - related Audits

In addition to our renowned Integrated Facilities Management services, we also offer our clients specialized and customized Technical Services to ....

Industrial Services

We offer a wide range of services specific to the stringent, growing requirements of the industrial sector spanning the spectrum of manufacturing, ....